What is A Symbian OS?

feature-3Symbian is a mobile operating system (OS) focused at cell telephones that offers a higher level of combination with correspondence and personal information management (PIM) functionality. Symbian OS combines middleware with wireless correspondences through an integrated post box and the mix of Java and PIM functionality plan and contacts. The Symbian OS is open for outsider advancement by free programming merchants, enterprise IT departments, system administrators and Symbian OS licensees. Read More →

Would there be a Symbian without Nokia?

feature-1“Legend” says that Nokia once put down android to focus on using it’s symbian flatform. Now that Android as mentioned on one article seems to be on the winning end, we may also recall… would there be symbian if there is no Nokia? The Answer is a big Yes! Here’s why….. Read More →

Android vs Symbian, who’s winning the battle now?

feature-2Nokia have been then the “Big Boy” in mobile world for quite some time using symbian as its main weapon. Now that Nokia seems to change it’s flatform and iOS and Android battling the upper hand, it would be safe to say that Android as against symbian is on the winning end at the moment, unless… symbian.. makes an “x-factor” to gain the upperhand… Read More →