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A proxy server that filters out adverts out of web pages
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Linux boot loader for Psion Series 5, 5mx and 7 by Peter van Sebille
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Bemused is a system which allows you to control your music collection from your phone, using Bluetooth.
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for Nokia 9210 by Hannu Viitala and Markus Mertama
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CSV Data
A simple interface to edit/view/create small databases stored in utf8 text files (CSV)
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the killer application
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Commodore 64 emulator for SymbianOS
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eblog - (e)POC WE(b) (log)GGING
sending notes/links/contacts/thoughts/... to a web server from a epoc device. data will be visible immediately on the web.
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ec - (e)POC (c)OMMANDER
Frontend that retrieves share prices from the sms inbox and displays them on the screen. Frontend similar to Norton Commander.
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Doom for the Psion Series 7 by Peter van Sebille
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A GameBoy emulator for the Psion Series 5mx & Series 7 by Peter van Sebille
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A port of MAME for SymbianOS by Peter van Sebille. Nokia 9210 version is at:
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