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ec - (e)POC (c)OMMANDER
Frontend that retrieves share prices from the sms inbox and displays them on the screen. Frontend similar to Norton Commander.
Source ec.tar.gz
Have a look here as well: VIVA-SMS is a homage on the 12 year old 160 x 7bit character transfer medium via GSM. It is highly available and in most cases free. VIVA-SMS is a data service regarding finances and personal information management. E.g. the stock price of your favourite share goes 3% up and you will get a sms alert. You receive a eMail in one of your pop3 accounts and you will get a sms. Some 'new' news matches some of your defined core words and you will get a sms. Now you might say: My INBOX will blow up the existing memory on my phone after receiving of so many sms. The solution is ec the (e)POC (c)OMMANDER. ec is the frontend for the VIVA-SMS data service. It reads every incoming sms from the INBOX and in case it was a 'VIVA-SMS' it extracts it from the messaging store, stores it in the e.g. actual stock spread sheet and deletes the sms from the INBOX. Then a graph will be updated which displays the daily changes of the favourite shares. Now you might say that this sound very familiar to you and that this is already existing. Yes of course you are right. With the only difference that this service is free:-) VIVA-SMS The first prototype from this service is already running on my linux box at home. It retrieves all the share prices. In case of a change I got alerted by a sms. The same with incoming eMails. ec - (e)POC (c)OMMANDER
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