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the killer application
License GPL
Source drep.tar.gz
Download: S80v1
Drep is Norwegian and means kill. This program is very simple but also useful, to kill orphaned threads and processes on your EPOC machine. You can kill both threads and processes, by giving the name or the ID of it. It should also work on the 9210 (but then you have to build it from source :) This program is released with the GPL license (General Public License) so you are welcome to use it, fix it, improve it or even sell it. If you find bugs or make enhancements, I will be happy to apply the patches to my version.


Because the 'drep.exe' program is located in C:\System\Programs you can execute from anywhere on your system. You will need EShell to execute it. The syntax is as follows:

C:\> drep 'thread name'

where 'thread name' is the name of the thread you want to get rid of.

C:\> drep 'thread id'

where 'thread id' is the thread ID of the thread you want to kill. The same thing applies for processes.
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