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eblog - (e)POC WE(b) (log)GGING
sending notes/links/contacts/thoughts/... to a web server from a epoc device. data will be visible immediately on the web.
License GPL
Source eblog.tar.gz
Have a look here as well: - still under construction - The epoc web logging contains two parts:
1) the already existing BLOSXOM 'service' for the linux box at home (or the shared one of course:-). taken from Rael Dornfest:
blosxom takes text files stored in different directories and output them as html files via a web browser.
2) a epoc frontend that can copy a text file to a ftp/ssh site. Or maybe later create a html file from the text and copy this instead of a txt file. That would be nice for pages without a web server.
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