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Your going travelling to a new place, so you want up-to-date maps, and you want to read about what other people think about the places you might visit. You want to record and share your experiences, with both other mobile phone users and your friends back home.
Note: Map downloads are back (18/10/08), apologies for the outage.

Users Guide

Screenshots of S80 version S60 version UIQ version

Current features:-

  • Tracks your current location by talking to bluetooth GPS device. Or in-built gps inside the phone (S60 3rd edition requires open signed online or developer certificate signing)
  • Downloads map data from OpenStreetMap (OSM)
  • Clickable map to download tiles to PC for bluetoothing to phone (v0.12 onwards has recogniser support - 3rd Edition phones require open on-line signing)
  • Records trails to gpx files
  • Allows annotations to be noted and and uploaded as either blog posts, map corrections or postcodes
  • Displays a direction pointer from the center of the map view to your selected destination
  • Monitors GSM Cell id's (S60/UIQ only - 3rd edition requires signing)
  • Downloads postcodes from Free The Postcode
Note: Downloading maps/postcodes costs (depending on your tariff), you should download a small part of the map maybe at zoom 100m, and see how much it cost you, the v0.09 release encapsulates the binary protocol inside LZMA (7zip) to reduce the cost, v0.12 permits downloading just updates to areas already downloaded, other ideas include (simplifying the map, etc). Also you should note that at present the FTPC download downloads the entire list on each download request, overwriting previous postcodes, (about 40k compressed - Dec 08), only do this if you really want postcodes (mostly UK).
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